So… Hey, it’s been a while. Initially I wanted to make a series of short posts about meta at different TIs starting with TI7, but then the idea evolved, and now it seems easier to make one big post about all TIs, starting with TI1.

Russian version

In this post I’ll go through every TI with infographics, then through all-time TI stats and some of the things I encountered while going back in time.

This post is massive, be aware of that.

Oh yeah, all of these stats are now available in my stats hub. I’ll link reports for every…

The International 10 is closer and closer, and now we finally have a final roster or participants. Here I’d like to compile all of my pretty images and go through stats of these qualifiers.

And, as always, there’s a full report available in my Stats Hub, which you can use to explore all the event stats in more detail:

You can also follow me on Twitter or join my Discord to get more dota stats stuff.

This time I’d like to take a more silent approach: just the images with numbers, with some minor notes along the way.


The second (and the last before TI) DPC Season just concluded with the awesome WePlay AniMajor. And, as usual, I’m here to give you some stats about the event.

Russian version (VK)

This time I tried a bit different approach. Usually I’m making a small Twitter thread full of pictures. This time I’d like to get all of the infographics here, while also adding some thoughts about the meta, additional records and stats, links to DPC Season wrap-ups and more.

You can check the full report for the AniMajor by following this link. And if you want to see…

Have you thought about how winrate changes with a player’s experience with a certain hero?

And did you ask yourself, what hero is the strongest in the right hands, and with what hero you can win even without any experience of playing it?

Or maybe what hero is objectively better than others?

How would one find the hidden OP hero?

Well, sit tight, and get some hot tea for yourself. We are going to the fascinating world of stats, where I’ll tell you about players’ experience.

Русская версия

You can also subscribe to my Twitter or join my Discord (or…

Fractals are fascinating. They can be found everywhere in nature, practically they can be considered the nature’s beauty. The most popular fractal is Mandelbrot set (well, its graphical representation, to be exact).

Recently I watched a video by Mathologer and got curious about how to draw and color Mandelbrot set in different ways, and also get some D programming language practice while I’m at it. Of course, it’s not the most difficult task by itself, but it was still interesting to investigate the topic and make some small tools along the way.

While investigating, I faced some interesting questions that…


The year is coming to an end, and I’d like to express my thoughts about what happened for me in terms of dota content. And, of course, share my future plans with you!


Here are the things I’ll cover below:

  • Struggles and why stats hub may be shut down in a year or so
  • What is this “Simon” project I keep talking about
  • What I did/achieved throughout the year
  • What I’m looking forward to

Russian version:

About support

To be honest, I don’t really feel comfortable asking for a support. I don’t feel like I deserved the right to, but pandemic…

Russian version:

Video version (russian):

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to choose your presents. But what are presents, really? They are just items, and to choose the best items you need items stats.

But here’s the problem. Items stats are only available on Dotabuff and Stratz. And Dotabuff only counts endgame inventory, while Stratz doesn’t have any kind of summary, only time sliders for a specific hero.

So it became clear to me: if you want to get something done, you should do it yourself. So I’ve made some items stats for heroes.


The title doesn’t really sound that impressive, but I have A LOT OF STUFF to tell you about.

Stats Hub:

First of all, version number was bumped up from 2.11.0 to 2.14.0. I was working on some stuff in the background, and you may notice this three major versions gap in the version numbers. There are a lot of changes, starting with small visual improvements and ending with the Items section.

So let me start with some small stuff I already introduced during November.

  • Locale selector is no longer using GET parameters. It wasn’t that big of a change…

Carry. Mid. Offlane. Support.

Long ago four roles lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the role stealer attacked.

Only the Flex Hero, master of all four roles, could stop them, but when the team needed him most, he vanished…

Dota is a weird game. Everything can work, everything can find its place. And even the most “boring” (for a common man) hero can have not one or even two, but many different playstyles.

If you’ve been following my posts (or seen them before), you may already know that I’m a big fan of obscure playstyles. And, well, it’s…

I wanted to get back to writing some stuff about stats in dota, but didn’t really have both time and a good reason to. And the latter appeared recently as an addition of laning stats in some of the reports in my stats hub. I’d like to tell a story about processing this idea, implementing it and what I noticed so far while looking through the data.

You may read the whole thing, about the idea and implementation, or just straight up skip to the last part with some observations.

Russian version of this text can be found here.


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