Numbers of Competitive Dota: 2022 Edition

Lea Spectral
10 min readDec 19, 2022


There were 8266 total matches played, 2860 of them are considered as Tier 1 events, while 3401 were played at the DPC and TI events. 17 matches were not analyzed. Radiant won 48% of games.

The report started on 29th of November, 2021 with the first match of DPC China Winter Tour game in Division 2 between Team Saiyan and Dawn Gaming (6297312683).

The last match of the report was game 5 of BTS Pro Series 13 grand finals between Evil Geniuses and TSM (6912325119), which happened on the 10th of December, 2022.

The report includes all Tier 3+ events listed on Liquipedia, not counting qualifiers (except for TI Qualis).

The report didn’t include one event (for now), which didn’t have stats publicly recorded: Gamers Galaxy Thailand.

There were total of 260 teams and 1239 unique players.

15th of October was the day with the highest number of matches played (total of 51).

Total playtime combined was 212 days 22 minutes and 55 seconds. Combined time dead for all players in these games was over 192 days.

Top-3 patches by the number of matches were 7.31d (2100 matches), 7.30e (2062 matches) and 7.31b (1534 matches).

During this time there were over 16 millions creeps murdered, almost 619 thousands of creeps denied, 16 755 Roshans slain, 23 889 couriers killed and 305 rampages made.

Players dealt over 1565 millions of damage to each other and 216 millions of damage to buildings, healed allies for 93 millions of health points, placed over 282 thousands of observer wards (108 thousands of which were destroyed by other players) and 502 thousands of sentry wards. They also stacked 139 thousands of neutral camps and bought back over 39 thousand times.

Median game duration was 35:43, while average was 36:56 (standard deviation was ~9:41).

Higher limiter was 241 matches. Median hero picks number was 573, while median hero bans number was 711.

Median XPM was 549, median GPM was 428.

There were 1.47 kills per minute on average.

Notable matches

Game with the highest number of average kills per minute (3.37) was Samba vs Eternity game 2 at TodayPay Season 2 (6730993708).

The highest number of kills happened in a single match was 132 in the second game between Ukumari and Infamous at BTS Pro Series 11 (6561604033).

The longest match was Yangon Galacticos vs Gorilla at Moon Studio November Mood (6883717393): it lasted for 2 hours 14 minutes.

The second longest match (and also the longest Tier 1 match) was Entity vs RNG at The International 2022 (6814073054), which lasted for 1 hour 47 minutes, which also was the game with the highest number of Roshan kills (8). It is also the second longest game in the history of TI.

The shortest match was Into The Breach vs EZ KATKA at 1x Series (6714290022), which lasted 10 minutes 28 seconds.

The biggest difference in gold earned was 73 thousands gold in the match between Brame and Ivy at DPC’22 Summer Tour Division 2 (6623713587).

This season also had the match with the biggest difference in gold earned in the history of The International, which is also the 5th record in this category in throughout the competitive year: 64.5k in the match between RNG and Entity at The International 2022 (6814073054).

The game with the most courier kills (14) was Ivy vs EZ KATKA at 1x Series (6724006530).

The matches with the biggest comebacks were Omega vs Ravens at Claro Apu League S5 (6881624478) with 46k gold swing, No Runes vs 5RATFORCESTAFF game 3 at BTS Pro Series 13 (6876503592) with 43.7k gold swing.

The biggest networth stomp was in a game between Geek Slate and TNC Predator at Predator League (6859231487) with 73k gold lead swing.


Geek Slate player Kokz played the most matches: total of 313.

Execration.Bob took the second place (296 matches), while also being the first by the total number of kills (2704).

Monaspa.SsaSpartan took the third place (279 matches), but had the most wins (165).

Most matches on a single hero were played by Lilgun.Ace12 as Grimstroke (59 matches, 55.9% winrate) and Bane (59 matches, 54.2% winrate), as well as RISE.BLACKARXANGEL as Bane (57 matches, 61.4% winrate).

Player-hero pairs with the highest winrates (over 10+ games) were RSG.Raven^ as Luna (10 matches, 100% winrate) and Vincenzo^ as Pugna (10 matches, 100% winrate).

Pairs with the worst winrates were Dendi as Queen of Pain (10 matches, 0% winrate), Atlantis.Ws as Pangolier (11 matches, 0% winrate) and adzantick as Kunkka (11 matches, 0% winrate).

The squad that played the most matches together was Lilgun’s roster: khishka, Ace12, eleven, sanctity- and 423, who played total of 225 matches played together with 56.9% winrate. The second place goes to Team Liquid’s roster: Insania, MATUMBAMAN, zai, Boxi and m1CKe: they played 188 matches and won 59% of them.

AG.db- had the widest hero pool of 56 heroes.

Most popular player profiles in the reports were K1, Pakazs, C smile <, Ame, Wisper, skiter, Yuragi, Yatoro, Timado, Yopaj-.


With at least 40 matches played

  • Kills: highest are Citrus (10.2), Pakazs (10.0) and Nande (10.0), lowest are antoha (1.6), RedPanda (1.67), kazi (1.68)
  • Deaths: highest are NBH.flaSH (10.5), KBU.US.Chen (10.3) and DrE.SexyeYogye (9.94), lowest are Monet (2.47), Raven (2.5), Erika (2.53)
  • Assists: highest are YG.LuN (17.5), Overlord.Django (16.7), Matthew (16.5), lowest are SAG.Ms (6.24), S9.Paradise (6.51), Atomic.Marb (6.61)
  • GPM: highest are Parker (752), RAMZES666 (711), Pakazs (710), lowest are Overlom (240), empyreaN (242), kazi (248)
  • XPM: highest are Parker (794), Pakazs (779), SINFULSOUL- (774), lowest are Overlom (319), empyreaN (322), qyqx (327)
  • Healing per minute: kickeed (151), Seleri (148), antoha (130)
  • Hero Damage per minute: SMG.MooN (819), RCY (807), Nicky`Cool (801)
  • Tower Damage per minute: vtFaded (301), Parker (262), Pakazs (258)
  • Taken Damage per minute: SAMBA.Revenant (711), Tib (686), TheBloodySky (682)
  • Roshans with team: SoNNeikO (1.58), Larl (1.55), Noticed (1.54)
  • Stuns: xiaobonbon (65.5), Czy (60.3), kaka (60.2)
  • Map pings: iceiceice (194), YG.Skill lay (163), Rupido (146)
  • Damage to gold ratio: TC.B-TUNE (1.63), Tsunami.2 kub (1.63), BBS.RRL (1.49)

Game records

  • Highest GPM: 1255 by Ark as Medusa in match 6594451936
  • Highest XPM: 1193 by TGM as Templar Assassin in match 6730993708
  • Kills: 31 by hFn as Pudge in match 6786082402
  • Deaths: 26 by Eixn as Tusk in match 6594451936
  • Assists: 49 by pingu as Bane in match 6545781221
  • KDA with 0 deaths: 50 by bzm as Ember Spirit in match 6705745777 (Arlington Major OG vs bc g3)
  • KDA with 1+ deaths: 51 by Toshi as Keeper of the Light in match 6723646130
  • Gold Earned: 105 320 by Ghost as Terrorblade in match 6814073054 (TI11 Entity vs RNG)
  • Last Hits: 1574 by pp as Leshrac in match 6883717393
  • Last Hits per minute: 21.04 by RAMZES666 as Medusa in match 6387318540
  • Damage to heroes: 213 881 by Faith_bian as Venomancer in match 6380457853
  • Hero damage per minute: 2662.42 by Faith_bian as Venomancer in match 6380457853
  • Damage to buildings: 36 807 by Fonte as Medusa in match 6306382585
  • Hero healing: 59 249 by Bignum as Io in match 6368316183
  • Damage taken from heroes: 170 681 by Shad as Arc Warden in match 6792902862
  • Neutral camps stacked: 23 by KJ as Enigma in match 6513600185
  • Observer wards placed: 41 by xNova as Lich in match 6814073054 (TI11 Entity vs RNG)
  • Sentries placed: 84 by xNova as Lich in match 6814073054 (TI11 Entity vs RNG)
  • Observer wards destroyed: 22 by Husky as Chaos Knight in match 6593293195 (BTS Pro Series 11 AM Grand Finals)
  • Map pings: 390 by Lay as Monkey King in match 6784584812
  • Stuns: 362 seconds by Judy as Earthshaker in match 6775176152
  • Courier kills: 10 by Saksa as Weaver in match 6634676571
  • Rampage with the lowest team networth difference (1684) by alberkaaa as Shadow Fiend in match 6895751371
  • Rampage with the highest team networth difference (48 153) by Gabbi as Razor in match 6427820880 (DPC’22 Tour 1 Regional Finals)
  • Rampage with the lowest networth difference in a losing match (3416) by 12 as Ember Spirit 6358426214
  • Rampage with the highest networth difference in a losing match (20 033) by nattynarwhal_ as Keeper of the Light in match 6561100504


Balance rank for the whole year was 73.5.

Heroes with the highest ranks were Bane, Beastmaster, Mirana, Medusa, Lycan, Marci, Death Prophet, Puck, Templar Assassin and Tiny.

The least contested heroes were Meepo, Bounty Hunter, Arc Warden, Clinkz, Elder Titan, Riki, Witch Doctor, Techies, Axe, Tinker, Oracle and Vengeful Spirit.

There were eight uncontested heroes during The International this year: Windranger, Meepo, Dragon Knight, Clinkz, Bounty Hunter, Treant Protector, Keeper of the Light and Techies (and Necrophos was only banned once).

The most contested heroes were Puck (4850), Mars (4773), Tiny (4273), Beastmaster (4233), Death Prophet (4106).

The most picked heroes were Tiny (2503), Mars (2297), Bane (1875), Snapfire (1777), Ember Spirit (1645). The most banned were Puck (3232), Batrider (3089), Beastmaster (3046), Monkey King (2664), Medusa (2586).

Most popular heroes in the reports were Tiny, Mars, Bane, Puck, Snapfire, Ember Spirit, Death Prophet, Pangolier (also 8th most picked), Razor (also 16th most picked).

Most popular spectral hero builds, however, were Stats Morphling Safelane, Stats Slark Safelane, Nerd’s Spectre (Core), Stats Necrophos Mid, Stats Faceless Void Safelane.


At least 550 matches played

  • Kills: Queen of Pain (9.1), Storm Spirit (8.93), Ember Spirit (8.87)
  • Deaths: highest are Clockwerk (8.83), Shadow Shaman (8.39), Crystal Maiden (8.27), lowest are Morphling (3.03), Wraith King (3.07), Medusa (3.15)
  • Assists: Mirana (16), Treant Protector (15.8), Disruptor (15.6)
  • GPM: Medusa (727), Terrorblade (726), Templar Assassin (687)
  • XPM: Templar Assassin (780), Medusa (729), Lina (724)
  • Healing per minute: Io (373), Keeper of the Light (153), Treant Protector (145)
  • Hero Damage per minute: Zeus (1069), Ember Spirit (858), Leshrac (763)
  • Taken Damage per minute: Wraith King (747), Timbersaw (690), Dragon Knight (648)
  • Tower Damage per minute: Terrorblade (260), Medusa (259), Luna (250)
  • Stuns: Spirit Breaker (113.7), Nyx Assassin (86.6), Bane (81.3)
  • Roshans with team: Shadow Shaman (1.33), Templar Assassin (1.32), Beastmaster (1.24)
  • Last hits per minute: Medusa (12.5), Terrorblade (12.1), Luna (10.9)
  • Damage to gold ratio: Zeus (2.18), Skywrath Mage (1.65), Ember Spirit (1.62)


The teams (tags, not rosters) with the most matches played were Execration (293), OB.Neon (291) and Lilgun (253).

The team with the most matches played at Tier 1 events was OG (194).

Teams with the highest hero diversity (Tier 1, 10+ matches) were KBU.US (79.8%) and Alliance (77.5%). But the team with the widest hero pool was PSG.LGD (116).

Most popular teams (by their profile requests in spectral reports) were OG, Tundra, BOOM, Team Liquid, beastcoast, Team Secret, Team Spirit, Thunder Awaken, Team Aster, Entity.

Team with the highest number of kills in a match was Our Way with 71 kill inmatch 6786082402 against Wolf Team during BTS Pro Series 12.

Team with the highest number of asissts in a match was Yangon Galacticos with 180 assists in match 6883717393 against Gorilla during Moon Studio November Mood.

Team with the lowest number of deaths in a match was Into The Breach with 0 deaths in match 6720958592 against Sigma.YNT during 1x Series. Team with the highest number of deaths in a match was Samba Team with 72 deaths in match 6734104276 against Ravens at TodayPay Invitational Season 2.

Other stuff

Medium items with the highest numbers of purchases were Blink Dagger (31 504), Aghanim’s Shard (28 555), Power Threads (20 934), while items with the lowest numbers of purchases were Meteor Hammer (409), Dagon (422), Blade Mail (442).

Maybe there are Boots of Travel somewhere at the bottom, but the numbers were affected by a bug sometime during the year, so it’s hard to say.

Medium items with the highest winrate shifts (and 4k+ number of purchases) were Blink Dagger (+22.25%), Aghanim’s Shard (+17.06%), Skull Basher (+12.08%). The lowest winrate shifts came from Maelstrom (-1.84%), Urn of Shadows (+0.97%), Dragon Lance (+2.51%).

Hand of Midas could be ahead of Maelstrom with -3.83% winrate shift, but it only had 2292 purchases.

Major items with the highest numbers of purchases (not counting medium items here) were Black King Bar (32 114), Aghanim’s Scepter (11 743), Kaya and Sange (5005) and Eye of Skadi (5002). Lowest numbers of purchases belong to Yasha and Kaya (76), Revenant’s Brooch (85) and Dagon 5 (159).

As for winrate shifts, the highest (min 1300 games) came from Abyssal Blade (+20.86%), Black King Bar (+20.35%), Satanic (+17.78%). The lowest were Battle Fury (-2.63%), Spirit Vessel (+1.96%), Heaven’s Halberd (+3.55%).

The International 2022 had the first game in the history of the event’s series with a rampage by a team that lost: by DarkMago as Ember Spirit in a match against Team Liquid (game 3, 6819203954). This series also had one of the three megacreeps comebacks in TI’s history (game 1, 6818958825).

The game with the most mangoes purchased at TI11 was Fnatic vs Aster game 2 (6809556554): Monet bought 34 mangoes, BoBoKa bought 8, 皮球 also bought 8 and Jaunuel bought 5. It averaged to 0.9538 mangoes per minute. Second game by this value had only 0.6923 mangoes per minute and it was Liquid vs Hokori game 1 (6810895741).



There were total of 177 reports made this year, including 10 ranked reports and 10 amateur event reports.

The most popular report this year was “Ranked Meta — Last Week”, followed by 7 ranked patch reports.

The most popular event report was The International 2022, followed by The International 2021, Gamers Galaxy Invitational and DPC reports.

The most popular amateur events reports were EVA League Summer Season, The Valkyrie Cup — Winter Edition and Into Valhalla.

The most popular sections were “Hero Counters”, “Hero Combos” and “Item Builds”.

Closing words

Match data was collected using awesome APIs provided by Stratz, OpenDota and Valve.

The public version of this report is currently missing some of the sections to reduce the load. But you can still find most of the information in the stats hub and Competitive 2021–2022 report.

I’m still salty about that one event missing, but I have some ideas on how to get the sats for it back and add it into the main report. But we’ll see how it goes.

That’s about it. Merry Christmas!