The International 10 Qualifiers Stats Recap

The International 10 is closer and closer, and now we finally have a final roster or participants. Here I’d like to compile all of my pretty images and go through stats of these qualifiers.

And, as always, there’s a full report available in my Stats Hub, which you can use to explore all the event stats in more detail:

You can also follow me on Twitter or join my Discord to get more dota stats stuff.

This time I’d like to take a more silent approach: just the images with numbers, with some minor notes along the way.

One thing to note about the most popular pairs is the Terrorblade + Mirana duo. While this pair didn’t quite get it to the top by deviation, this combo still has 100% over 14 matches

Yeah, yeah, most of “flex” heroes are supports who are switching between position 4 and 5. But there aren’t that many flexible heroes to look at this patch, really.\

A small bonus: best heroes by rank (high winrate with a meaningful number of games) for every role



Everybody’s talking about how broken Flicker is, but let’s take a moment to look at tier 4 of neutral items at Immortal rank. This whole tier of items is a joke.




Writing code and stories.

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Lea Spectral

Lea Spectral

Writing code and stories.

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