The International 10 Stats Wrap Up

So… The International 10 ended about a week ago (at least it was less than a week since it concluded when I started making this post), and it’s time to wrap it up.

Total stats

Let’s start with total stats for the event.

Group Stage

Main Event

Compendium predictions

One thing most people care about are compendium predictions, so let’s take a look at what predictions were correct this time.


  • Most picked hero: Elder Titan (73)
  • Most banned hero: Monkey King (140, my pick was Tiny, he took 2nd place with 132, while Monkey King was my most picked)
  • Highest winrate with 5+ games: Tinker (10 games, 80% winrate, my pick)
  • Most average kills with 5+ games: Sniper (10.8)
  • Most average assists with 5+ games: Bounty Hunter (20.6)
  • Lowest deaths avg with 5+ games: Naga Siren (2.2, my pick)
  • Highest last hits avg with 5+ games: Naga Siren (525)
  • Highest XPM avg with 5+ games: Clinkz (740)
  • Most kills in a game: Dawnbreaker (27)
  • Most last hits in a game: Luna (895)


  • Winning team: Team Spirit
  • Most kills in a game: IG (54, match 6219558229)
  • Most average kills: IG (28.52)
  • Least deaths in a game: VP (1, match 6216649464, my pick)
  • Most assists in a game: VP (144, match 6213067601)
  • Victory in the longest game: SG (match 6213685234)
  • Victory in the shortest game: PSG.LGD (match 6216526891)
  • Highest average game duration: Fnatic (42:26)
  • Biggest hero pool: Team Spirit (60)
  • Smallest hero pool (with 10+ games): EG (38)


  • Most average kills: Karl (9.38)
  • Most kills in a match: Nightfall (27, match 6213067601)
  • Lowest avg deaths: Ame (1.86, my pick)
  • Highest assists avg: Puppey/Oli (16.64)
  • Most assists in a game: Save (38, match 6213067601)
  • Highest avg last hits: Yawar (460)
  • Most last hits in a game: Arteezy (895, match 6215226977, my pick)
  • Highest GPM in a game: Arteezy (973, match 6215226977)
  • Highest GPM avg: Ame (723, my pick)
  • Biggest hero pool: Yatoro (21)


  • Total number of games played in the Main Event: 50 (my pick)
  • Heroes picked: 113 (my pick)
  • Heroes banned: 105 (my pick)
  • Most combined total kills in a game: 88 (match 6213067601)
  • Longest game: 64:42 (match 6213685234)
  • Shortest game: 17:04 (match 6216526891, my pick)
  • Most kills by a hero in a game: 27 (match 6213067601, my pick)
  • Most deaths by a hero in a game: 17 (match 6215317749)
  • Most assists by a hero in a game: 38 (match 6213067601, my pick)
  • Highest GPM by a hero in a game: 973 (match 6215226977)
Winning team: Team Spirit indeed

New All-Time Records

  • Highest XPM: 1067 by Nightfall as Medusa in match 6212765732
  • KDA with 0 deaths: 49.0 by flyfly as Spectre in match 6219558229
  • KDA with 1+ deaths: 40.0 by Ame as Spectre in match 6227305557
  • Last hits per minute: 16.04 by Arteezy as Luna in match 6215226977
  • Damage to buildings: 40709 by 23savage as Tiny in match 6215702671
  • Couriers killed by a player: 7 by Thiolicor as Weaver in match 6216545156
  • Couriers killed in match: 11 in match of PSG.LGD vs SG (6215346651)

Cool stuff

  • At TI10 (compared to pre-TI10 stats) most teams were stacking less on average than before the event (10.4 vs 9.2 on average). Two teams that were still stacking the most on average and more than before TI10 are Beastcoast and Team Spirit (12 and 12.5 respectively: it’s 1.2 and 1.4 higher than before)
  • There are 8 rampages total at TI10, 5 of them were made by Team Spirit players (3 by Yatoro, 2 by TORONTOTOKYO), other 3 by Sumail, Nikobaby and Wisper
  • With this Team Spirit also became the team with the most rampages at TI all-time (and Yatoro became the player with the most rampages), as well as being the team/player with the most rampages in TIs Main Event (3 by Yatoro vs 1 of every other team/player)
  • Meteor Hammer was purchased 23 times at TIs, 4 of them at TI10
  • Meanwhile, Aeon Disk has 162 purchases. For reference, Heart (which was in the game for much longer) has 290 total at TIs, Octarine is 189, Lotus is 305 (being an item with a similar purpose). Only Linkens stands out with 613 purchases
  • Earthshaker overtook Rubick during the last day of group stage as the all-time TI most picked hero
  • Ursa overtook Meepo with the most Kills/Match all-time TI with 8.99. Meepo 8.88
  • N0tail overtook Kuroky with the dubious honor of 10:08 total time spent dead at TIs (Kuro 9:26)
  • Based on Immortal Stats for Tier 1 neutral items this patch Pig Pole has 12.5% pickup rate (highest for tier 1 is 13.5%, lowest is 11.5%), 50% winrate, Average hold time is ~7:48, being 6th by this value. So it’s literally the most average neutral item, but it makes a funny noise

Even more cool stuff

  • The first Roshan kill in the Main Event (by Team Spirit in the match 6219447985) was Roshan kill number 666 across all TI main events (since TI3)
  • SumaiL and Yawar played together 108 competitive matches with 56.5% winrate, as well as 82 matches against with 54.87% winrate for Sumail (it’s tricky to find all the teams they played in though)
  • Top-3 teams by highest efficiency of sentry wards usage before min 20 (less sentries used to destroy one observer ward on average) are PSG.LGD (3.19), Team Spirit (4.11) and Vici Gaming (4.22), while the worst teams are Secret (6.06), Fnatic (6.14) and Invictus Gaming (6.2)
  • Sumail has the most kills total at all TIs (playoff only and in general), and he also holds the all-time kills record AND most kills records at three different TIs
  • Tier 2. Best: Philosopher’s Stone (12:20), Grove Bow (9:18), Essence Ring (9: 08); worst: Vambrace (7:46), Brigand’s Blade (8:13), Ring of Aquila/Pupil’s Gift (8:23)
  • Tier 3. Best: Titan Sliver (8:32), Spider Legs (8:01), Paladin Sword (7:53); worst: Cloak of Flames (5:58), Mind Breaker (6:08), Elven Tunic (6:09)
  • Tier 4. Best: Spell Prism (9:19), Timeless Relic (7:07), Flicker (6:10); worst: Stormcrafter (2:03), Witchbane (3:16), The Leveller (4:00)

Closing words

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