Spectral Wrapped 2022

Lea Spectral
3 min readDec 29, 2022

So um… yeah.

It was a rough year.

I kindof gave up with any sort of planning and roadmaps, since it’s hard to say anything. Also I kind of gave up on content, though I will get back to it in the future.

What’s with 2022 plans

  • “Play more dota, maybe stream” — Didn’t go as planned. Maybe next year.
  • “Nerds Hero Builds subsite” — Yes!
  • “Lurker” — Not really, but it’s in the works.
  • “Kamina” — Yet again, no.

What’s been done

Major things

Smaller things

  • New node for remote development and this kind of stuff (probably might start using it for publishing things eventually)
  • Made sure Spectral.gg stays operational for a while
  • Migrated to GitLocalize and started more efficient process of translating the projects to different languages
  • Revived older version of Guame
  • Stats recap for the whole year: https://leamare.medium.com/numbers-of-competitive-dota-2022-edition-f3385daa53be
  • Worked on increasing stability of the code (for TI11), added new records and milestones and some neat features
  • Updated reports schema with some new data and features

What’s in the works

  • Lurker. I kinda started it a while ago, then had to change priorities. Not sure how things will go now, it’s not like the project is that difficult to make. Just need to wrap my head around it.
  • Analyst dashboard. It kinda depends on Lurker, so these two are tied together.
  • Updated match monitor. I want it to start tracking records live and do a more complex data processor for it.
  • Kamina/Simon. Working on it right now. I’m kind of upset it takes so long to update, so I want to split the update in two. First there will be improved LRG2 UI (mobile friendliness is one of the major things in mind). Then I want to update the data schema and migrate the old reports to it, changing the API in the process (and gradually updating the UI). Simon will be the last part of it. Lurker will use parts of Kamina code (which is also the reason why it’s delayed) and will eventually merge with the main code.
  • Herald Meta Trends. This is kinda done at this point, using Stratz as the data source. If everything goes well, the next stop will be Weekly stats for League of Legends.
  • Improved LRG Cache. This will be a part of Kamina migration. Should make it easier to generate big reports and increase stability (and also prevent crashes during the updates).
  • New report features. Currently I’m working on Skill Builds and Starting items (hopefully I’ll roll them out before 2023 or at least not soon after). This should make in-reports hero builds feature complete (I kind of want to add a small notice to builds sections to make sure users will check out the Spectral Builds section).
  • Top-10% and top-2.5% immortal ranked reports. Roughly top-500 and top-100.
  • Builds rendering improvements.

Most of these things are kind of carry-ons from 2021. There will be some exciting new things to work on during 2023, so hopefully I’ll be able to start thinking on something new soon.

See ya and take care.